Small Dog Breeds – The Most Popular Goodness

Many of the most popular dog breeds registered each year are small dogs. American Kennel Club

small dog breedsSmall Dog Breeds are often hard to find in animal shelters or dog houses because small breed dogs are very popular. Small Dogs Breeds are generally 4 to 20 inches tall and under 30 pounds. Toy, Terrier, Spaniel etc.

Small Breeds of Dogs are suitable for people living in tight space, limited by weight restrictions, or just to enjoy a small, little companion. Search our list of small breeds to find a dog that is just your liking. These petite pups fit on your lap are easily portable. Don’t be taken in by their cuteness and small and tiny stature though, pint size doesn’t mean small personality.

Search all the Small Dog Breeds here at Dog Breeds Central. Breed complete information with dog pictures. Info about the personalities, traits and characteristics of each breed. Download complete list of small dogs. Find out which one is right for you!

Popularity of Small Dogs

Small dogs earned their popularity due to various positive Personalty traits, list of features is given below:

  • Less Exercise – exercise needs are met quicker – often with a good walk.
  • Less Space – Small dog breeds are “lap dogs” and very few large dogs.
  • They’re cute! Easier to pick up and carry around.
  • Small dogs cost less to maintain annually – vet bills are less costly.
  • Smaller dogs are usually better suited for senior citizens and children.
  • Cost less to warehouse of you need a kennel while on vacation.
  • Small dogs are easier to travel with – both by car – RV and airplanes.
  • Easier to manage – groom and medically treat when needed.
  • Small dogs are more popular with apartment – condo and flat dwellers.
  • Long lifespan – live longer than larger breeds due to all above reasons.

Why I don’t like Small Dogs?

Small breeds also have negative traits. They often want to dominate the house and everyone in it. Excessive barking, aggressiveness and bites are more prominent. Small breeds can be hard to train, especially males. Many of the small dog breeds are not good with children. They are expensive to purchase due to small litters.

Small Dog Breeds Require Heavy Grooming

Small dogs need heavy socializing starting very young (age 4 weeks) and continued on. They need an owner and family that understands dogs and how to exert a firm but kind, self-confident, dominant and consistent “pack leader” (alpha dog) role over them. It is very important not to let the little dog think he’s “boss!” Your small dog must be submissive “follower” and not allowed to be “leader.”

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