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small dog breeds a to z list

Small Dogs are usually considered to be under 30 pounds. The height will run from 4 to 20 inches at the shoulder. Here is complete small dog breeds list A to Z with pictures.

The Small Dog Breeds List contains only Purebred Small Dogs from both Popular and Rare Breeds.
Click on each dog pictured on our small breed dogs list for the Detail information about the breed.
Breed’s Quick Facts Section will give you a well, quick overview of the breed if your prefer fast info. Help yourself decide which is the best small dog breed right for you.



None of these dogs pictured are hybrids, mixed breeds or designer dogs.
Small Dogs are just the best. If you are thinking about getting a small dog, the decision can be overwhelming because there are just so many breeds of small dogs to choose from. Luckily there is that special  small breed dog just waiting to be loved by you.

Almost all of the dogs listed here can be registered through the American Kennel Club.  But some are so rare that, although they are purebred, they have not as of yet been recognized by AKC.  However, they may be much more common around the world.

We regularly add to this list as new breeds of dogs emerge , so check back often — your perfect breed might just be here waiting for you.

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